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For more information, reach out to @aerielituhart on instagram for further information! Thank you.


We are looking for the young, hot voices of literary and artistic talent (you) to ascend from their unpublished conditions. We want your cutting-edge charm, insight, or humor. While fate may be a bit of an exaggeration, Aerie has waited for you for over thirty years. Fiction. Poems. Art. Comics. Anime fan fiction. Text submissions are rolling until Oct 9. Art submissions are rolling until Nov 3.

Free yourself. Stretch out your arms. Open up to Aerie.


We accept most short forms of writing: Poetry, fiction, short stories, flash fiction, vignettes, creative nonfiction, personal essays, literary criticism, play scripts, graphic fiction, etc. We also accept any art that could fit in a magazine: Paintings, photography, collage work, digital design, sculpture, ceramics, etc. If you find your writing/art does not fit these categories, feel free to reach out, because it might just fit what we are looking for! 

Submission Guidelines:

  • Limited to 5 pieces per contributor

  • Maximum word count of 2,500 per work submitted 

  • Deadline for all TEXT submissions are rolling until October 9th.

  • Deadline for all ART submissions are rolling until November 3rd.

How to Submit:

  1. Save writing as a .doc or .docx file. Save art as a .jpeg or .pdf file.

  2. Label your work fullname_genre_title of work ex. JuliaRoy_CNF_Green Eyes

  3. Email submission to the appropriate address



Creative Nonfiction/Other: 


We look forward to your submissions!

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